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"I love playing someone who has so much integrity, who has so much joy and so much life—even though her life is now in prison. She’s locked up, but she’s able to build up joy anyway."

- samira wiley for brooklyn magazine

(Source: fyeahblackactresses)


So @TheCapitolPN tweeted this

which was promptly deleted. (G-Bb-A-D are the notes to Rue’s whistle.)

But if you had clicked inspect element before it was deleted


"You silence our voices, but we are still heard."

HOW COOL IS THIS MARKETING?!?! Like the rebels are hacking into the capitol’s twitter!!!!

(Thanks toastbabeis and mockingjaysource for noticing it and jenliamjosh for reblogging)

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Your touch, your skin, where do I begin?
No words can explain, the way I’m missing you


reasons to vote for donny instead of zach (coming from a zach stan):

  • zach has a huge fanbase thanks to social media, over 200k followers on instagram and i don’t even know how many on twitter.
  • zach also has a P.O. box where people have been sending him things for about a month, he knows how loved he is





a legendary pop music anthem that your faves could never touch

She was there for me when no one else was

A generational masterpiece